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We live in and with our nature here in the Black Forest!

In order to preserve and support your vacation paradise, the Black Forest, with its untouched nature as well as possible, to show transparency and sadness, we at the Wellnesshotel Basler Hof are certified several times! The beautiful untouched nature of the Black Forest and regionality are close to our hearts.

The Black Forest is known to have more to offer than bacon vespers and Black Forest gateau! In addition to the variety of dishes, we also offer exclusive spirits. Who hasn’t heard of the classic Schwarzwälder Kirschwässerle – but it’s worth delving a little deeper into the world of spirits. Fine brandies made from porcini mushrooms, hazelnuts or sloes are just a small selection that we offer for you at the bar here at the Wellnesshotel Basler Hof. Spicy Black Forest gins, aromatic rums and smoky whiskies in all variations make the connoisseur’s heart beat faster. Try it out, you will be very surprised!

The German Institute for Sustainability and Economics has once again recognized the Wellnesshotel Basler Hof am Schlosswald in the central Black Forest this year for our special efforts to preserve our environment, work sustainably and live with nature. We are very proud to present and produce our local products and to act in the interests of the environment. Our solar system at the Basler Hof in Lauterbach provides heat for water and heating with the support of our unit heating boiler, fired with wood from our own forest. Our wood chip bunker, the hotel’s main source of heat, can hold around 90m3 of wood chips and provides the rest of the heat required for the radiators and water. We are very proud that we are 85% self-sufficient in terms of energy and can therefore take a further step in the direction of eco and organic, as we have not used heating oil or gas for years. The high-quality water used by the hotel comes from our own sources, and a heat exchanger converts excess heat into cooling for our warehouse. As a wellness hotel in the Black Forest, we make our own jam and honey, use our own fruit or fruit from the region from farmers and organic farms, our homemade cakes are all produced with home-grown produce from nature or our home, meat, dairy products, side dishes, etc. are mostly from the Black Forest. Most of the rooms are also made of wood from the hotel’s own forests, which is visible in the half-timbered walls and ceilings at the heart of the building. Lots of wood, clay and ecological materials are used – a herb garden with fresh kitchen herbs rounds off our sustainable thinking. The Basler Hof washes most of our laundry here at the hotel in an environmentally friendly way and can emphatically point out a special waste system that includes its own composting and produces almost no residual waste. The use of LED technology and motion detector systems saves a huge amount of CO2 every year. Thanks to the great support of you, our guests, we can do a little more year after year – for you and our environment, the Black Forest and the beautiful natural surroundings.

As a hotel in the Black Forest Nature Park, we at the Wellnesshotel Basler Hof pay particular attention to the regionality of our products. We use a large proportion of Black Forest raw materials from farmers, farms and our own stock.
Regional water and award-winning premium beer from the Ketterer private brewery in Hornberg are just a few examples of our diverse range.

Situated in the heart of nature, in the Black Forest Central / North Nature Park, there are an incredible number of hiking routes and trails right outside the wellness hotel Basler Hof in Lauterbach. If you are short of walking sticks, rainwear, a room to dry your clothes, are hungry for traditional dishes such as snacks or need a packed lunch – all this is a matter of course for us here at the Basler Hof. We provide you with up-to-date weather information every day and suggest the best routes for you at any time! Direct access to the

  • Köhler Meiler Weg
  • Yoga path
  • Waldmännleweg
  • Planetenweg
  • and since 2014 the Lauterbach hiking trail

The wine cellar of the Wellnesshotel Basler Hof am Schlosswald contains only wines from Baden – Württemberg. We emphatically stand behind the now excellent wines from the region – from the Kaiserstuhl, from the Markgräfler Land, from the Stuttgart region – here in the Black Forest, near Freiburg, the warmest region in Germany, we have a fantastic opportunity to produce exclusive wine and the now diversely cultivated grape varieties are fabulous in taste, flower, color, fruit and smell! We were particularly delighted when one of the best sommeliers, Natalie Lumpp, visited us and took us on a journey through the wonderful world of wine.

The Basler Hof in Lauterbach is an award-winning hotel in the Top Wellness Oasis category. With our “Köhler Therme” sauna area with 10 saunas and the swimming pool, the various treatment rooms for couples and individual treatments, the two cosmetics institutes “Klapp Cosmetics” and “Maria Galland”, the Basler Hof stands for quality and uniqueness in wellness requirements.

The well-known magazine for beauty and wellness “Vital” has listed the wellness hotel Basler Hof in Lauterbach in the special edition of the 180 best wellness hotels in Germany, in the “Wellness & Indulgence” section.

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