in the Köhler Therme

On over 1000 m² and with our current 10 saunas – indoors and outdoors – we have created an oasis for the senses, designed just for you and your well-being!

Whether you want the heat of a classic Finnish sauna or the gentle warmth of a bio sauna, you are in good hands in our sauna area. Steam baths, precious stones, brine, lots of wood, oriental style elements and Mediterranean flair, let yourself be enchanted and immerse yourself in complete tranquillity!

The indoor pool in the Basler Hof in Lauterbach with a water temperature of 27 – 29° C is open every day of the week until 21:00.

Please note that children and young people under the age of 16 are not admitted to our Köhler Thermen except for the indoor pool. The Köhler Thermen are a non-smoking area.

Wellnesshotel Basler Hof am Schlosswal
Imbrand 6 | D-78730 Lauterbach | Tel: +49 74 223979 | E-Mail: info@baslerhof.de

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